What's Next?

As many of you know, The Superhero Ball was a great success in so many ways! First, we raised over $44,000 for the children of the Rubanda Carepoint. This amount does not include the money they will receive from the 30 children that were sponsored that night. With the money that was pledged, our total raised is over $50,000! In addition to the successful fundraising that night, we had a BLAST! Family, friends and community members who all love Jacob, gathered to celebrate and carry on his joy-filled life.
Since the fundraiser, some of the families who sponsored a child, have written and received letters from their child. Jason and I have received some letters and drawings. It is so cool to read their thoughts about life and what interests them. We have also received pictures of a soccer field that we were able to help build with the funds raised at the ball.
Also, this month our church here in La Vernia, Grace Bible Church, raised $2000 at our Vacation Bible School! The money will be used to purchase mosquito nets for the children as well as 300 bibles for the village. Our church will also use this money to sponsor one of the children for an entire year. As you can see, Jason and I continue to be blown away by the compassion and generosity of our family, friends and community not only for us but also for the children of Rubanda. We love you all and thank you!
So, as the title says, what's next? Jason and four others: Troy Jones, John Kenneth Jones, Bret Royal and Talton Russell, will be traveling to Rubanda in October. They are so excited to go and see these children and make connections with the communtiy. They have big plans for the 10 days they will be gone and I will be sure and let you know more about them as the date gets closer and we have more details. For now, I can tell you that they plan on organizing a soccer tournament for the kids, help the children learn English, take family portraits and fund and help with a meal and celebration for the village. It will be amazing! If you feel led to help financially with their trip and the activities that they will be doing while there, you can send a check to Children's HopeChest. On the memo line of the check please include our trip ID number which is UG121001T. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through this website. Love to All, Brea