Jacobs Story

Jacob Thomas Jones was born January 4, 2008. During his short life here on earth, he lived to the fullest. He was spoiled by his daddy and me and his two older sisters. His smart, quick wit would bring us many laughs. He wore his superhero costumes proudly at home and everywhere we went. It would make his day if a friend or stranger acknowledged him as the superhero he was dressed as, instead of by his name. During his time here, Jacob was such a lover. Being with family and friends brought him more joy than anything else. We miss his presence with us terribly. Not only was he sweet and loving, but he was also loud, rambunctious, impatient, full of life and energy.

You may be asking: “why orphans?”, “why Africa?” or “what does this have to do with Jacob?”. Well, our family began sponsoring children in Africa through Children’s Hopechest over a year ago, simply because we felt God putting it in our heart. When Jacob began his eternal life on June 12th of this year, our family and all those who knew Jacob were beyond heartbroken. People wanted to reach out and help. Jason and I immediately thought of Hopechest and decided that in lieu of flowers, people could donate in Jacob’s name. We were amazed by the response and wanted to help even more! You see, though Jacob’s life here was much too short, he was never in need. If he cried, he was held. If he was hungry, he was fed. If he was sick, he was cared for. If he wanted attention, he definitely got it. However, many children around the world live without this kind of love and care. They cry continuously with no one to pick them up and hold them or no one to show them they are loved and cared for. So, that is how we have come to this place. Many days it is very hard to think beyond our pain and loss. However, God calls us to do good and help others even when it is not the easy thing to do.

We recently created a video to help explain how our fundraising efforts started and why this is so important to our family. We hope that you will be encouraged to join us! Click on the link below to view.